TMA Mondays: Time Flies


Can you believe it's already April? The year is flying by! It’s the beginning of the month, but so much has happened already.

Maree Bistro, Choukette, Raven Leaf Public House and Phnom Penh Noodle House all closed :(

Jack's BBQ and Wood Shop BBQ are expanding and Westman's Bagel and Coffee may possibly be getting a 2nd location!

AND Little Neon Taco, Wa'z and Poquitos Belltown are officially open!


Our Pick of the Week

Bai Tong Thai Street Café, Capitol Hill - I ordered their fried rice to-go a couple days ago and I've been craving it ever since. Help!

Croissants - Do you have time on your hands this weekend and want to tackle a pastry that even the best bakers avoid? Then give this step by step croissant recipe by Sally's Baking Addiction a try.


New Sh*t in Town

Archipelago, Hillman City - Fillipino food is a trend this year. I know this because I got an email about it on 2018 food trends, but also because the number of Filipino restaurants in Seattle and beyond keep growing. The latest, Achipelago by Chef Aaron Verzosa and his wife Amber Manuguid, will be focused on Northwest Filipino cuisine but with a twist, they want to have mostly local ingredients. This will be interesting because most Filipino ingredients are not local to Washington, but they're going to put their PNW and modernist twist on the cuisine and I'm looking forward to trying that.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Plate of Nations, 03/28 - 04/08 - Try some international cuisine and support the restaurants in Rainier Valley. For $20 or $30 dollars you can get a shareable menu item and try something new!

Seattle Restaurant Week, 04/02 - 04/19 - Its that time of the year, the time where you visit your favorite restaurant for cheaper or that place that’s been on your list for a while. $33 for 3 courses. Make those rezzies. 

Date Night with Unexpected Productions, 04/06 - Looking for something fun to do for date night? How about hot chocolate and Improv? You'll get to pick all your hot chocolate toppings for your indi hot chocolate and take an improv class from unexpected productions.

Brunch Run 2018, 04/07 - Seattle magazine's brunch run 5k is better than all other 5ks because you get brunch after! You also get a t-shirt, access to their boozy brunch garden plus the pride of finishing a 5k. I'll be jog/walking this this weekend so come join me!

Vegfest 2018, -4/07 - 04/8 - Vegetarians, lovers, and eaters of vegetables, this one's for you. A two day event featuring talks, vegetarian food, chef demonstrations and more. Tickets are $9.