TMA Mondays: I Like it Like That

Soi, Caphill

Soi, Caphill

TMA'ed while bumpin' I like it by Cardi B

Cardi B sings about eating halal and whether she knows it or not she may actually be eating halal more often than just the food carts around New York. Yep, you read that right. Most meat producers are providing halal meat but most grocers choose not to label it as such.


Our Pick of the Week

TNT Taqueria, Wallingford - Stumbled upon this small restaurant and they serve some of the best breakfast burritos I've had in the PNW.

Firecracker Grilled Salmon - This recipe is as fire as it claims to be. On a cold dreary Seattle "spring" evening, I decided to grill salmon outside with this recipe on our rooftop and it was worth it.


New Sh*t in Town

Café Hitchcock Express, Downtown - A to-go version of the main Café Hitchcock is opening up in the same building as a pop-up where Tully's used to be. They will have food, coffee and their new CBD wellness latte that are made with cannabis with the intention to calm you not get you high.

Pike Place Satellite Market, Amazon Spheres - As if the Spheres and Amazon Go wasn't a tourist attraction enough, now a smaller Pike Place Market will be right outside for both Amazon employees and the tourists.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Mud and Chocolate Run, 4/14-4/15 - If you only run when food is involved, love chocolate, or just enjoy running, this one is for you. You can either run a 4 1/2 mile or half marathon muddy course. Everyone who finishes gets a chocolate medal, gourmet Seattle Chocolates bar and other treats.

Truffle Making Class, 4/13 - Play with flavor combinations as you learn to hand roll your own truffles at Indi chocolate.

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