Tandoori Bites Everett


Temi: I am ashamed to say when we visited this restaurant. Our review has been sitting in our backlog along with other lonely non TMA Monday posts begging to see the light of day. We keep saying we've been busy but we promise we have. My girl Mari got engaged so it's wedding planning galore and I've been applying to grad school. Life's coming at us fast but we didn’t want THIS Tandoori Bites Everett review to get lost in the abyss so here we go!

Mari: We got invited to Tandoori Bites by one of the owners, Guriqbal and made the drive up to Everett on a Saturday afternoon. One thing that excited me is that all the food is Halal. They decided to have halal meat because one, a lot of their customers were asking for it and two, there isn't a huge price difference between traditional meat and halal meat. So now the question is, why don’t more restaurants serve halal meat?!?!?!

Temi: Halal menu aside, we got to chat with Guriqpal about the restaurant and how it came to be. His dad has been in the restaurant business for 28 years, his current business partner 12 years so going into this venture was meant to be. While we were there they had their lunch buffet going ($9.99 on weekends) but we decided to order a la carte. We ordered several items off the menu including Vegetable Pakoras, Lamb Samosas, Chicken Biryani , Butter Chicken, Goat curry, Seekh Kabob, Garlic naan and Mari got Mango Lassi.

Mari: The mango lassi had a rose undertone which was different from normal lassi but I still liked it! The lamb samosas were good, but it was really the chutney that accompanied it that stepped them up.


Temi: Agreed on the chutney. I really enjoyed the pakoras, I had never had them before. Best way to describe them is a curry fried vegetable with a little bit of heat. The best way to eat vegetables if you ask me. The Biryani was fire!! Literally and figuratively. It was spicy yet very balanced with all the other flavors. Even the chicken held its own which is a rarity in fried rice dishes. We got some yogurt on the side to help with the heat, but it also added a creaminess that worked well with the biryani.


Mari: The Butter chicken was my favorite especially with the warm and fluffy naan. Probs one of the better butter chickens I've had in Seattle. Not surprisingly, it's one of their most popular items. The goat curry wasn’t my favorite. The sauce was little bit too ginger-y and overpowered the dish. Almost made it feel like it was missing something. The seekh kabobs, although they looked different than what I expected, were flavorful with the roasted veggies on top.



In Summary

We came, we ate, we took forever to post. Tandoori Bites Everett is one of the few halal places open in Everett and several months ago we were invited to check it out. They have a wide range of options on their menu as well as a daily buffet. We ordered at least one dish from each section of the menu. Mari's favorites was the butter chicken, and with lamb samosas with chutney, while Temi's was the biryani and the pakoras. We both loved the fluffy garlic naan. If you are ever in the area and craving some good halal butter chicken or biryani, definitely stop by!

TMA Rating: 3.5/5

Ambience: Casual

Wait time:  5 - 10 mins

Food: Indian

Would we go back?  If we are ever in Everett

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $