Happy Birthday Buttermilk Company


We can't believe it's been one year since The Buttermilk Company launched! 

Mitra the co-founder has been busy innovating, expanding and getting Forbes famous for her genius quick meals that remind many of their mom's Indian home cooking. If you're new to The Buttermilk Company, get more of the background story from our first review.

The company is celebrating with a sweepstakes!  If you order any of their products today, you get entered to win a free limited edition Buttermilk T-shirt.

In honor of their anniversary, we thought the best way to celebrate would be to review 3 of their newer recipes: Channa, Poha, and Onion Pulao.

Temi is out of town, so Mari went solo for this review.


Onion Pulao

This is Buttermilk’s newest recipe and it will be released for purchase next week!

It was the most flavorful rice I've made in less than 15 minutes. While I was pouring it into the boiling water, I could smell how amazing it would taste. All the ingredients truly came together to create mouthwatering aromatic flavors. If you don't love a lot of salt you may find this to be a very salty dish, I found that coupling it with some chicken or other protein balanced it out.


Chana Masala

A staple in Pakistani and Indian cuisine. This recipe was definitely harder to make than I thought it would be. I followed the minimal instructions, but I was afraid that I was going to burn the dish with the amount of time instructed to boil and simmer. Luckily, I didn't burn it, and the chana still tasted pretty good. The garam masala and cumin were powerful flavors in the dish but not to the point that they were overpowering.

As an afterthought I looked up the picture of the recipe on the website, and mine definitely didn't look as  soupy.



The quickest dish to cook out of the three, but again I'm not sure if I made it correctly. It would be great if the packets came with a little hint on how to tell if the dish is ready, especially because I have never had Poha before. When I look at the ingredients, individually I've had them all but never in this combination. I tasted a bite out of the pan, and I had to practice extreme restraint not to devour it before I took the pictures.


Overall these recipes were all super quick to make and despite how small the portions looked they were filling. These are perfect for anyone who doesn’t have time or patience for cooking or a student, like Temi, studying late at night and in need of nourishment.

It’s been great to see Buttermilk’s growth in the past year. We can’t wait for more recipes and whatever else the founder has up her sleeve.

Happy Butterday, Buttermilk Company!