Three Sacks Full


Matthew ( co-found of Three Sacks Full) reached out to TMA about the pop-up project they have been running since February. Since Temi now lives in Atlanta, my husband is my automatic plus one when I try restaurants for the blog. What started off as a blog outing, ended up being a pretty solid date night.

We attended the pop-up in September at Bar Ferdinand. Honestly the venue itself is date night material. One minute you are in the hip/trendy Chop House Row alley and as soon as you walk into the bar you feel like you've left cap hill. The exposed wood beams, string lights, barnyard decor and restaurant layout provide a warm and cozy feel perfect to escape the rainy days ahead.

The farmhouse vibes were very appropriate for Three Sack Full's menu concept.

They grow their own food on a quarter acre plot or buy it primarily from two local small-production farmers. By doing so Michael (the chef) limits himself to the "micro-seasons" of the three farms and these limitations help force his creativity. 

Their entire premise is being farm to table and vegetable forward, meaning vegetables are the real MVPs of the menu. The menu is meant to be a sustainable way to eat with usually one snack or appetizer choice, three main vegetarian dishes, and three side fish or meat dishes.

If you know me, you know I'm more of a meat forward person. So I was hesitant on how much I would enjoy this vegetable focused meal.

We ordered the Flat bread with cucumber yogurt to start, the polenta and the cocobianco beans as our main dishes, and the grilled beef  kabob as our side.

The flatbread was so fluffy and the cucumber yogurt was so cooling in contrast to the fresh warm bread. As my husband says, you can never go wrong with warm bread. Especially when the bread has a slight sprinkling of sumac and sea salt on top.

Flatbread with cucumber yogurt

Flatbread with cucumber yogurt

The grounded polenta with smoky plennoto tomatoes, stewed caroselli cucumbers and Chinese celery was rich with flavor when you ate everything in one bite. We added a poached egg to the dish and it definitely made it heartier and filling.



Fresh cocobianco beans with burdock, new German butterball potatoes, celtuce and dill was a very much like a stew. I would say this dish has umami because it was beyond the other five tastes. The celtuce which is a Chinese vegetable was delicious and tasted to me like walnuts

Cocobianco beans

Cocobianco beans

We both took a bite of the grilled beef kabob with pickled cone cabbage and Korean hot pepper vinegar, and immediately said wow. Not only does Michael know how to cooks his veggies he can cook his meat just as well. The kabob reminded me a bit of Pakistani chapli Kabobs in the spices I tasted.

Beef Kabobs

Beef Kabobs

Chef Michael's goal is to serve dishes that make people excited about vegetables and he definitely succeeded with me. He put the right proportions of vegetables and grains together in a minimal way that blew my mind. 

After our delicious meal, we took a walk to Frankie and Jo's to top off a fantastic meal and perfect date night.

 The next pop-up is on October 7th at La Medusa and October 29th at Bar Ferdinand.


In Summary

TMA Rating: 4.5/5

Ambience: cozy date night vibes

Wait time:  5 - 10 mins

Food:  vegetable forward, healthy yet rich

Would we go back?  Yes

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $$$