TMA Mondays: Lighter than Usual

Naan n Curry, Issaquah

Naan n Curry, Issaquah

TMA'ed while listening to Cherry Hill by Russ

This is a pretty light week for the Seattle food scene.

I guess with all the wildfires, hurricanes, and crazy weather in general, a slow week may just be what we all need. 

We hope all of you, your family and friends are safe during these apocalyptic (dare I say global warming) days of hurricanes and wildfires.

Full Tilt is taking over the existing Starbucks on 15th Ave in Capitol Hill in January. I really didn't think it was possible for Seattle to love ice cream more than Starbucks. I'm more than okay with this possibility.  

Not as surprising, Dicks is taking its talents to the South… well south of Seattle at least. The online poll to determine their next location resulted in Kent winning.


Our Pick of the Week

Naan n Curry, Issaquah - The closest I'll ever get to comfort food in Seattle. A big bowl of Haleem, Biryani, Chicken tikka and some seekh kabob is all I need to feel at home.

Sweet potatoes - Recently I've been all about sweet potato fries, to the point that I've started stocking my fridge with sweet potatoes to whip some up at home whenever I get a craving. This kitchn recipe is my go to.


New Shit in Town

All Water Seafood and Oyster Bar, Downtown - the Boka restaurant in LoewsHotel 1000 is being replaced by a restaurant serving seafood and oysters as the name suggests. They will open on September 28th


Seattle, What's Happening?

Succulent Catering, 9/13 - Help victims of the Hurricane Harvey by indulging in Tex Mex.From 11-1:30pm at the Pike Place Market Atrium Kitchen, Succulent Catering will be serving fajitas and more and the price is a however much you want to donate to the cause.

Ballard Market Grand Opening, 9/16 - To celebrate the renovations, there will be a DJ welcoming you inside the new sushi bar, growler stations, Idea center and a hot food area with waffles. During that week starting Sept 13 there will be deals for the new additions to the store.