TMA Mondays: When the Smoke Clears

TMA'ed while listening to Rewind by Louis Futon, Ashe

The smoke has almost cleared from the Seattle sky. . Hopefully the summer weather isn't leaving with it.

Starbucks has moved on from summer and is ready for fall. Their new bottled pumpkin spice lattes are hitting the shelves of grocery stores this month.

Speaking of leaving, it’s the end of an era for People's Pub. After 17 years, it will no longer be serving the people.


Our Pick of the Week

Umi Sake, Belltown - It's official, Umi has become my go-to sushi place. Their sushi never disappoints nor do I get sick of it. If you haven't been, fix it asap and go tomorrow. They are open late for dinner.

Blueberries - Hands down the best berries to put in smoothies. Here are a bunch of different recipes from various blogs compiled by Cupcake and Kale Chips.


New Sh*t in Town

Shake Shack, SLU - First Halal Guys, now Shake Shack. Seems like the Concrete Jungle is making moves, one restaurant at a time, to the Emerald City. This one has been a long time coming considering the CEO of Shake Shack is pretty tight with none other than the owner of Canlis.

180 Xurros & Xocolata, Portland - Yes I know this isn't in Seattle, but you should definitely try their xurro ice cream sandwiches the next time you visit Portland.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Ballard Burrito Fest, 8/19 - This food festival for all ages is more than just a burrito themed festival. The main event will be restaurants and vendors who aren't known for serving burritos competing to win the Best Burrito title.

Pioneer Square Ice Cream Social, 8/19 -  Grab a drink from the heritage room, an ice cream scoop from Molly Moon's and shop til you drop at a few of the neighborhood retailers. Supporting local businesses never tasted so good.

The Seattle Poke Contest, 8/21 - Calling all Poke lovers! A week from today, a plethora of Seattle poké shops will all be in one place for you to devour. Plus, there will be a competition for the best Poke in town. It's not free, but ticket proceeds go to The Bennett Foundation so at least your Poke money is for a good cause.

Summerfeast, 8/24 - After this weekend's events in Virginia, a feast to bring cultural awareness and a community together is what we need. MarketShare, a nonprofit working to help immigrants and refugees start food stall businesses, hopes to demonstrate with the feast what they envision as a permanent street food market near King Street Station.