TMA Mondays: Dive Right In

TMA'ed while jamming to New Rules by Dua Lipa

The juicy news is below so let's dive right in.


Our Pick of the Week

Molly Moons, Redmond - I got Molly Moons twice last week and Bluebird ice cream once. The weather demands it and molly moons always hits the spot. Visit one of their 8 locations and get the scoops you need to keep you cool.

Ice Cream Bars - If you want to try staying cool at home and are willing to try something new and fun, how about this recipe for frozen banana ice cream bars by love & olive oil?


New Sh*t in Town

Derby, SoDo - Ethan and Angela Stowell's newest project opens today! Derby is located within The Shop, a car club, which will open Friday, August 11th.  Menu items will include classics like BLT's, Caesar and Cobb salads and more. The menu also consists of small plate items like lamb carpaccio and bacon-wrapped dates. Diners will enjoy a front seat view of a bevy of luxury and classic cars. 

Seattle Pops, Wallingford - Seattle Pops is popular on the farmer's market circuit, especially during 80 degree Seattle weather.  Luckily for all of us, they’ve finally opened a brick and mortar location in Wallingford.  Stop by for your frozen treat fix.

Next Level Burger, Roosevelt - Next Level Burgers are a vegan burger chain in Oregon and they’ve opened their first Seattle outpost inside the Roosevelt Whole Foods. All their dishes are made without animal products and use organic and non-GMO ingredients.

Pokéworks, Bellevue - PokeWorks has expanded to the eastside. It's just in time cause the eastside is really lacking good poké options. Their new location is on Bellevue way and you can expect the same menu served in their other locations. If you visit them on Saturday August 12th, you get buy one get one free so make sure to stop by.


Seattle, What's Happening?

SLU Block Party, 08/11 - SLU Block Party is back and first things first, its free. Second, there'll be food trucks there all day and a beer garden. Third, there'll be fun activities for people of all ages. Do I need to keep going?!

Seattle Met's Secret Supper, 08/10 -  Seattle Met's secret supper is upon us. Every year they announce their restaurant of the year and you could be having dinner at their pick the SAME day they make the announcement. Tickets are on sale now for a pricey $125, but they include multiple courses, cocktail pairings, tax and tip.

Delta Launchpad, 08/07 - 08/11 - Delta Launchpad is a week-long food event curated by Vice in partnership with Delta. The week will include daily workshops with local and award-winning chefs, as well as invite-only chef dinners. RSVP to any event. Its free!