Sweet Grass Food Co.


TMA'ed while listening to Wedding Crashers by Anime

Temi: We've been meaning to visit Sweetgrass Food Co. for a while now. Our friend Laura invited us to stop by but due to schedules etc etc. , we only made it in last week. Sweetgrass has a very vibrant vibe. Big windows, large menu, cute plants, the whole shebang.

Mari: Sweetgrass is definitely more than just a place to get grub. I would almost describe it like a lifestyle restaurant. They have a shelf of products that fit the feel good, local, organic brand of the menu. Although the whole restaurant feels like a community place to gather, they have a separate community space they use to host classes and other events.

Temi: I could definitely see people going there to get work done. It had a great "get shit done" feel and they have free wifi! Anyways, for food, I got the Firefly smoothie bowl and Mari got the So-Cal Acai smoothie and the Buddha Bowl with Salmon.


Mari: I was overwhelmed by the menu. Getting the Buddha bowl was a gamble because I don't particularly like brussel sprouts. I ordered the smoothie just in case I needed something to help wash the brussel sprouts down. While I can't say the bowl was life changing and I suddenly fell in love with brussel sprouts, I did eat a majority of the bowl and really enjoyed it! The smoothie was more for me, a banana and blueberry combo that tasted like summer.


Temi: The Fire Fly consisted of a variety of summer fruits, as well as ginger, turmeric and cayenne for some added spice.  The menu said a "pinch" of cayenne and it definitely had that kick. The smoothie bowl also came with their house-made granola, bananas, coconut flakes and a drizzle of honey. I like the sliced bananas with the smoothie, they smoothed out the spiciness of the cayenne. The granola was new to me, it didn’t have the usual ingredients that are synonymous with granola, but it was sweet and had a light cinnamon taste. Overall, the flavor and texture combinations  were new to me and my taste buds, but i cautiously enjoyed the adventure!

In Summary

Restaurant/Cafe: Sweetgrass Food Co.

What We Got:  Firefly smoothie bowl, So-Cal Acai smoothie, Buddha Bowl with Salmon.

TMA Rating: 3/5

Ambience: community vibes

Wait time:  5 mins

Food: Colorful & healthy

Would we go back?  Probably for the smoothies

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $