85C Bakery

Mari: A few weeks ago 85C bakery opened their 1000th worldwide location. This is an awesome feat for the asian-euro fusion bakery and to celebrate they invited us to come try some baked goods at their Seattle location.

Temi: If you are not familiar with 85C bakery they are popularly known for their Sea Salt Coffee (which we had) and their delicious pastries. Their serving style is very different from most American bakeries. All their options are out in the open for self-serve. You grab a tray(s), fill it with as much as you want and then pay for it at the register.

Mari: We were in pastry heaven. We filled up two trays worth of baked goods (about 20 items) and our total was about $35 which is relatively cheap compared to most bakeries. I have definitely paid over $10 for 3 croissants before.

Temi: We ordered the Brioche, Marble Taro bread, Calamari stick, Choco bun, Milk pudding bread, Squid Ink Corn chicken, Hawaiian chicken, Wheat mushroom, Teriyaki chicken, Honey bread, caramel Danish (Kouign Amann), egg tart and two sea salt coffees.  We got more than one of some items.

Mari: If I had to describe the baked goods in one word, I would say sweet. Even the savory goods had a slight sweetness to them which was great for someone like me who has a killer sweet tooth. My favorite savory one was the Squid Ink Corn Chicken it tasted like chicken garlic bread. For the sweet ones I loved both the taro and the milk bread equally. The taro bread was so fluffy I could die, and the custard filling in the milk bread won me over. Of course I was also a fan of the drink because I like my cream and sugar with coffee and not the other way around.

Temi: My favorites were the calamari stick, taro bread and the brioche. By appearance, the calamari bread didn’t look like much, but on first bite, it was garlicky and delicious. The taro bread and brioche were so so so soft! The taro added an unusual sweetness to the bread, but the softness of the bread is what really got me.  The sea salt coffee was super sweet. It almost tasted like a salted caramel drink, which I liked. If you are a fan of sweet drinks that hide all signs of coffee, this is the one for you. It was a bit too sweet for my palate though.

In Summary

85C Bakery just celebrated their 1000th store and we finally went down to Tukwila to try it. Surprisingly the lines weren't too long and it took us longer to decide what to eat from the overwhelming amount of options. We came hungry, and left full off of two trays of baked goods. It's surprisingly cheap and although we wouldn't go out of the way to Tukwila to eat it again, we will definitely be visiting them when they open in Lynnwood and hopefully Caphill. If you haven't been, we recommend going to experience it for yourself.  Be prepared for crumbs. On a scale of none to Nature Valley bar these baked goods were definitely closer to the latter, messy and delicious.

TMA Rating: 3.5/5

Ambience: Open and Airy

Wait time: 10 mins (surprisingly short line)

Food: Asian-Euro fusion

Would we go back? Yes

Halal Friendly? Yes! Bread!

Price: $