Fogo de Chão Opens in Bellevue!


Announcement! Announcement! Washington State now has it's very own Fogo de Chão. They opened a few weeks back on mother's day and I was lucky to get invited to try their menu before the grand opening. If you are not familiar with Fogo de Chão, they are a Southern Brazilian Steakhouse that specialize in churrasco, the art of roasting meats over an open fire.

Fogo is a perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or to chow a sh*t ton of quality meat. I went with 6 other friends and according to my friend Ariel, "this place is great for a first date because if you don’t want to talk, you can just keep eating OR, you can talk about the food". We did a little bit of both.

When our green cards were up, we were offered all kinds of meat including, top sirloin, beef ribs, bacon wrapped steak, pork chops and chicken. My two favorite things were the Rib Eye, medium rare and the beef ribs. Meats are offered at varying degrees of doneness, so if you like your meat still bleeding or fully cooked and chewy (I'm judging), there is something for you.

Aside from the main course of meat, there is a salad bar with greens, cold cuts, cheese etc. If you still have room in your stomach, there is also feijoada (traditional black bean stew) and authentic Brazilian side dishes.

Aside from a few growing pains any new restaurant experiences, I had a wonderful dining experience at Fogo de Chau. You should definitely stop by and try out one of their dining options which you can find on their website.