Baking with Whole Grains

When I graduated college, I also graduated to buying whole grain bread, my version of adulting. That is about as far as my consumption and knowledge of whole grains go, until recently.

A couple weeks back, I registered to take my first class at The Pantry. The class was called Baking with Whole Grains with Chef Megan Gordon.

The Pantry is behind Delancey and has a home kitchen with a garden kind of vibe. It's the sort of place that isn't intimidating and is great for both novices and seasoned chefs alike. There was a mix of couples, friends, mom & daughter duos in the class and yet I felt like we were all in the same boat when it came to our knowledge about whole grains.

Although we learned to make 6 recipes, my favorite part was learning more about the whole grains and random tidbits from Chef Gordon.


Just to share a few:

  • Barley and oat are sweeter grains than Rye and perfect for something like blue berry muffins. Oat is the sweetest of them all.
  • Buckwheat makes the most fudgy gluten free brownies I've ever had, so much so that I didn't even realize they were gluten free until Megan told us.
  • Buy grains from bulk bins at grocers with high turnover, Megan's go to place is Fred Meyer.
  • You can also mill your own flour if you like working for what you eat. Megan recommends using a nutrimill, vitamix, or kitchen aid attachment.

Did I mention we made 6 recipes? Well surprisingly none of them were painstakingly time consuming, but the ingredient list was a little too long for my liking.

That being said, this made me realize how easy it is to bake and also be healthy. I think baking is something I can get behind.


If you've never taken a cooking class at The Pantry, I would highly recommend it. It is perfect for a date night, a birthday gift/party, or even just a bonding activity with friends and family.