TMA Mondays: Long Weekend

Memorial Day is all about remembering and celebrating those who serve to protect us. But we all know it's also about ringing in the summer. The weather was perfect for brushing the spider webs off the grill and grilling anything from burgers to pineapples to steak.

Not everyone was outside grubbing during the day, including me. This Saturday was the first day of Ramadan, the holy month when Muslims fast from dawn to sunset. Happy Ramadan to all those observing!!


Our Pick of the Week

Nue, Capitol Hill - Their new Mint & date frozen yogurt is the perfect treat to cool you off no matter what time you are eating.

27 Energy Foods for Suhoor - Suhoor is what Muslims call the meal they eat before they start fasting. While most people focus on drinking enough water to keep them hydrated all day, eating the right food can also help sustain energy levels until sunset.


New Sh*t in Town

Cubes Baking Company, Wallingford - Not only does this bakery have only authentic Mexican baked goods in cube shapes, but it will also follow a serving concept from the Baker's hometown. You fill up your tray with all the goodies you want and pay for the tray at the counter. Its open today, so don’t be a square and get yourself a cubed tart.

Otter Bar, Eastlake - We all know those water landing planes that fly over Lake union. Well now there will be a burger joint that uses them as the main theme and will be open late June/early July.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Pizza Crawl Seattle, 06/03 - All the big name pizza spots around Seattle are participating in this Pizza crawl. See event details for the timings their specials will be available to plan out how you'll beat the lines to get your hands on all the cheesiness!

All the stuff, all the brunch, 06/04 - This grand opening is going to be pretty grand. There will be a DJ, endless chicken & waffles, and more so get your tickets ASAP.

Kerning Cultures Listening Party + Iftar, 06/06 - The Kerning cultures podcast is hosting a listening party for hearing two stories from women who wear hijab in conjunction with Iftar (meal for breaking your fast). Get your tickets now!