TMA Mondays: Brunch Season

Brunch season requires patio seating, bottomless mimosas and sunshine. Lucky for us, we finally got some sunshine last week so brunch season can officially begin.  Contadino definitely got the notice and has started serving weekend brunch. Jacks BBQ will also be adding weekend brunch to their lineup at the end of April. If that's not enough Seattle Met has a list of 10 new brunch destinations.

In other news, Josh Henderson's Vestal is taking a similar but different route to Bar Noreoste. The restaurant has closed its doors and will re-open its doors in a few weeks with a more 'familiar' menu.


Our Pick of the Week

Mee Sum Pastry, Pike Place Market - A while back I was having a bad day and a friend brought me chicken hom bow from Mee Sum Pastry. My taste buds were so happy! How had I lived in Seattle for almost 4 years and never had this? Don’t be like me, go get some hom bow now. Their crab rangoons are clutch too.

Biscuits - I had some delicious biscuits with honey butter at Salare this past weekend. Then I stumbled on this recipe for Cheddar Bay biscuits by I Am a Food Blog and it threw me back to visits to Red Lobster just to eat their biscuits. Try the recipe and let me know if it takes you down memory lane too.


New Sh*t in Town

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka, U-Village - I've only been to Hokkaido ramen once, mostly because when I want ramen, driving to Bellevue seems like a chore. That's why I am really excited to hear about their new U Village location opening this summer. You should be excited too!

Bar Abajo, Belltown - Pinxto is moving to a bigger better location. Not too worry though because Pinxto owners Cody and Amanda Chigbrow will be replacing the old space with Bar Abajo. The bar menu will focus on "gins and tins". They'll be serving gins from around the world accompanied with things like charcuterie and tinned fish. They are expected to open this Spring/Summer so keep an eye out.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Coffee + Radio, a listening/tasting party, 3/28 - A podcast called Kerning Cultures is hosting a coffee tasting party at Slate Coffee Roasters. You will get a chance to try rare Yemeni coffee while hearing an unreleased episode from thepodcast that follows a story of a young man reviving Yemeni coffee for global markets.

Tavolata Sunday Lamb Feast, 04/02 - Tavolata's April Sunday feast is all about lamb. Chef Addam Buzzaliniwill serve eight lamb dishes, capped with a seasonal rhubarb dessert. Don’t miss it. Call Tavolata Belltown to reserve your spot. Reservations are required.

VegFest, 04/01 - 04/02 - Calling all the vegetarians, vegans, vegetable-inclined, etc to Seattle center. For two days there we be meat-free samples, talks, demos and more.


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