TMA Mondays: Where is the love?

TMA'ed while listening to Beautiful Problem by Mod Sun

The Grammy's were intense this year. Bey slayed and the artist of the year apologized to her for winning, as usual. Except plot twist, this time the artist was everyone's beloved Adele and it was suddenly hard to take sides.

Regardless what side you were on, rest assured that we can all agree on the following:

  1. Redwood dive bar closing isn't a surprise, and neither is the fact that it's getting replaced by efficiency units, aka apartments for ants.
  2. We are tired of waiting for Din Tai Fung to open Downtown. The estimate is now late February or Early March
  3. Day after Valentine's day, whether you celebrate it or not, is great because of the sale on chocolate the day after.

The world needs all the love it can get right now, so even if you do or don’t have a valentine, make the world your valentine and share the love with the everyone around you.


Our Pick of the Week

La Panier, Pike Place Market - Grocery shopping at Pike Place is never complete without a trip to this bakery. They have the perfect bread to make French toast with and once you've had it you'll forget what you used before.

Sumo Mandarins - I was recently introduced to these and they changed my world. They are exactly what you expect a perfectly tangy sweet orange to taste like but with less effort to peel, slice. Oh and no seeds.


New Sh*t in Town

Bai Tong, Capitol Hill - Where Boom Noodle once resides, this well-known Thai restaurant from the east side is going to fill up the vacant spot on 12th ave.

85°C Baker Café, Tukwila - Otherwise known as "Starbucks of Taiwan" has made its way to the PNW. It will start serving its 85°C coffee on February 24th.

Big Mario's, Frelard - Although this area already has Ethan Stowell's famous Frelard Pizza company, they say you can never have enough pizza. Plus unlike Stowell's place, Big Marios is sticking with its New York style pizza.

Junebaby, Ravenna - North Seattle is about to be taken on a journey experiencing the flavors of the unsavory times that shaped this country, aka southern food the way African-born slaves ate it. It's just the kind of restaurant we need in this political era of alternative facts.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Free Slices!, 02/13 - Dino's Tomato Pie in Caphill is offering Free Slice with a drink purchase in celebration of the first day they are starting to serve individual slices.

Trivia! A benefit for Stand with Standing Rock, 02/15 - Highline bar is hosting a trivia night with their full menu where all proceeds will go to