The Buttermilk Company: A Review

The Buttermilk Company: Khichdi, Daal, Sambar and Basmati rice

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Temi: Maybe you've heard about them on social media, maybe you haven't, but The Buttermilk Company is a new company (still in beta) that is all about bringing real Indian food into your home real fast.

Mari: The idea for Buttermilk Co was conceived when the founder, Mitra, would crave her mom's food after a trip home. Eventually, her mom started packing Ziploc bags of pre-measured spice mix for several dishes so Mitra could have a taste of home back in Seattle.

Temi: Buttermilk Co has adopted this home-centric approach to all their recipes. The recipes are family favorites that you now get to try. They currently sell five Indian meal packets and basmati rice. All you need is water, a pot, and  approx. 10 minutes to have a home-cooked meal. Their packets are also completely vegan, non-GMO and fresh, meaning you want to keep your packets in the fridge to preserve their freshness.

The Buttermilk Company meal packets

Mari: With such a simple concept and super attractive meal packets, when Buttermilk Co reached out to us for a review, we were all in. We tried the Khichdi, Daal, Sambar and Basmati rice.



The Buttermilk Company: Khichdi

Temi: The Khichdi is supposedly a popular Indian comfort food that is usually eaten for breakfast or a snack, and I definitely got that from its taste and consistency. It was very hearty and I would even say that one packet was good for 2 servings. The semolina gives the dish an almost 'çhunky' mashed potato consistency. Cooking it was as simple as the packet suggested. However, as someone unfamiliar with cooking Indian cuisine, I wasn’t sure when I had reached 'desired consistency' and had to ask Mari if she thought it looked right.

Mari: My guess was as good as Temi's, but also biased because I usually love anything with mashed potato consistency. The flavors, texture and the vegetables (peas & carrots) were all so comforting. I felt the dish was substantial enough that I wouldn't need to add meat. I like sweet more than savory for breakfast so I definitely could see myself eating this for lunch or a snack.



The Buttermilk Company: Sambar

Temi: The Sambar was the lightest and also the smallest in quantity of the three. I ate it with the Basmati rice and it was packed with new flavors that I hadn't experienced before but that I liked! I would definitely eat the Sambar with rice vs. by itself, because it just felt right. That said, I am addicted to rice.

Mari: The best way to describe Sambar is a hearty soup with fresh vegetables. The amount in the packet is enough to have a side/starter soup.  Drenching the basmati rice in sambar was an even better idea because the flavors stand out even more when soaked into the rice. I am curious if meat would taste with the flavors in the soup. Who am I kidding, meat would be delicious!



The Buttermilk Company: Daal

Mari: Daal is a staple comfort food in Pakistan as well. Buttermilk's Daal had a slight kick coupled well with the fresh tomato and spices I love. It turned out to be thicker than I am used to and the lentils were slightly crunchy. Next time I will probably let it simmer on low/medium heat instead of cook on high heat, as the packet instructed, so that the lentils have a longer time to cook.

Temi: The Daal was my favorite. First because I love curries and thick stews and second because I could easily see myself adding some meat into it and having a grand ole time with a side of basmati. Admittedly, of the three dishes, I have had daal before, however it's one of those dishes that everyone makes in their own way and buttermilk's version was delicious.

The Buttermilk Company

In Summary

The meal packets from The Buttermilk Company were hearty and flavorful, perfect for the cold months ahead. The Khichdi (Mari's favorite) was filling and definitely fitting for breakfast/ a snack as a standalone item. The Sambar was a hearty soup that we enjoyed eating mixed with rice and the Daal (Temi's favorite) was thick with a kick. All the instructions were easy to follow, and the recipes took the expected amount of time. We weren't familiar with cooking Indian food so it was unclear what the right consistency was for each dish, but the pictures on their website give some clues as to what you are trying to achieve. Overall, they definitely deliver on their promise of real Indian food, real fast.

Want Some Buttermilk?

If reading this review makes you want to try The Buttermilk Co. for yourself, there is an easy way to do that! They are currently in BETA mode, but TMA readers get early access! Just go to their website here, fill in your details, and in the box for Access code, enter "TMA+BUTTERMILK". Let us know what you think!