TMA Mondays: A Taste Of...

Super Six, Seattle

Super Six, Seattle

TMA'ed while listening to Yeba by Kiss Daniel

Nigeria! We're hosting a meetup with our friends at Cooktour! Check out the Seattle, What's Happening section below to get more details!

Chef Rachel Yang (Joule, Revel, Trove) published a cook book: My Rice Bowl: Korean Cooking outside the lines and shares her unique take on Korean fusion. 

Frolik Kitchen and Cocktails now serves brunch on Seahawks home game Sundays. That’s team spirit!

While Ethan Stowell announced he was selling two of his restaurants, he is opening a new Italian place, Cortina, early next year in the old Sullivan's Steakhouse spot downtown. Keep an eye out for more updates around that.


Our Pick of the Week

Cederberg Tea House, Upper Queen Anne - Every few months I binge on Cederbergs pastries and drinks for a few days. I go there every day for two to three days in a row till I have to tell myself to get a grip. Their Malva pudding and teas are just that good. Pace yourself friends.

The Ultimate Breakfast Sandwich - Step up your breakfast sandwich game with the recipe for a croissanwich by Pinch of Yum


New Sh*t in Town

Dough Zone Dumpling House, International District - This popular Eastside dumpling spot now has an outpost in Seattle! Their new location has a similar menu as its sister location such as the xiao long bao, pork buns, spicy wontons etc. They are near the Uwajimaya, so you could visit them a post/pre grocery shopping?

Baron's Xi'an Kitchen and Bar, Bellevue -  Baron's has finally opened in Lincoln Square extension, right across the hall from the Lakehouse. The restaurant serves both Traditional and contemporary Chinese dishes. Their menu online doesn’t have prices so I can't tell you what to expect but they do have a $88 signature Peking duck that is roasted in a special custom duck oven.

Aviv Hummus Bar, Capitol Hill - If you've ever had one of those moments where you suddenly crave hummus but you're not sure where to go, you now have a new option. Aviv Hummus bar in Cap hill is all about the hummus, served with pita bread and topped with all sorts of goodies from falafel to ground beef.



Seattle, What's Happening?

A Taste of Nigeria, 10/07 - We are partnering with Cooktour to host a meetup! Come meet us, make new friends and learn how to make a staple Nigerian soup as well as where to get staple ingredients in Seattle! Make sure to RSVP! See ya there!

Hurricane Relief FUND, 10/08 - Las Isla is hosting an event to help the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico. For $30 you'll get a plate with Lechon Asado, arroz con grandules and more. There'll be live music too.  Stop by and support!

Free Kombucha Making Class, 10/05 - I have several friends who are firmly seated on the Kombucha fan train. This class is for them. Trilogy Chiropractics will be hosting a free class! You just have to bring your own Jar!

Truffle Making Class, 10/05 - Indi Chocolate will be hosting a truffle making class. You'll learn how to temper chocolate, hand roll truffles and even make your own flavor combinations. The best thing is that you get to take your truffles home and share with friends and family or eat it all by yourself. We're not judging.