TMA Mondays: Hard Times

TMA'ed while listening to Land of the free by Joey Bada$$

Today's post was too difficult to write. I live for food. It is the way I learn about cultures and how I find common ground with those who are different than me.

I'm finding it hard to focus on the latest updates in the food scene when immigrants, who made the food scene what it is today, are being told to leave this country.

Would the Trump supporters think twice if they were told that with a  #muslimban they would  ban gyros, kebabs, shawarma etc or with a wall on the border they couldn't have tacos, quesadillas, churros, and tamales (...the list goes on)?

As much as I'd like to hope so, I doubt it.

Instead of the regular TMA Monday, Temi and I have decided to use the time we would usually dedicate to writing this post to do something more productive. 

I personally will be writing emails and reaching out to these senators, who have been too silent, and urge them to understand the importance of representing us and standing up for humanity.

How are you dealing with everything? What actions are you taking and would recommend us to take?