TMA Mondays: Happy New Year!

TMA'ed while listening to Are You Sure? By Kriss Kross Amsterdam

Happy New Year !

2017 stormed into Seattle with hail and snow the moment the fireworks ended at the Space Needle. As usual it didn't last long and the sun is now gracing us with its presence. This gives me hope that even though 2017 is starting off with a lot of baggage from last year, it'll lead to a better outcome.

I mean the year is already turning out better for the sharks of Rhode Island, who don't have to worry about losing their fins. As of yesterday it is officially illegal in Rhode Island to sell shark fins or be in possession of them for any reason other than scientific research. So no, culinary experimentation doesn't count as scientific.


Our Pick of the Week

Mamnoon Street, Denny Triangle - For the past few weeks, this has been my go-to takeaway spot for a quick bite. Bite is an understatement because each of their flatbreads, sandwiches and shawarmas are super filling. My favorites are the chicken shawarma and the lahm bi ajine flatbread, although I don’t think it's possible to go wrong with any of the options.

Oats - As much as I love all things gluten, I also love oats and never considered using them to make flourless pancakes. Skeptical? I was too until I tried this Tasty recipe and realized that although the pancakes were a different texture they taste just as good or even better than normal pancakes.


New Sh*t in Town

Marmite, Capitol Hill-  This is not a store selling the well known British spread, it's a to-go soup and stock window that opened on Friday in the Chophouse Row building. The plan is to expand it to a full restaurant to take up the vacant space that used to be Chop Shop.

Bruciato, Bainbridge Island - Sometime in the next few weeks the pizza pop-up that was supposed to open a brick and mortar in November of last year will finally open. Although it isn't in Seattle, it is probably worth taking the ferry to try.

Rancho bravo, U-District - The well-known taqueria that feeds the masses of Capitol Hill after a night out plans to open this Wednesday January 4th. While it'll be perfectly situated on the Ave where it can become the new go-to drunk food spot for udub students, there are plans to also add breakfast to their menu only at this location.


Seattle What's Happening?

Feast of Seven Fishes, 1/4 - The holidays may be over, but the festivities are not. Bar Del Corso will be hosting a pop-up for a Filipino spin on the Italian holiday feast. The price covers seven courses of different seafood dishes, but experiencing the Filipino culture is priceless.


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