TMA Mondays: Carbo - Loading

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This week is filled with carb related news. First, Il Corvo Pasta Studio has closed. Before you go into a panic, you can still visit Il Corvo for lunch, but Mike Easton's pasta studio down the street where he sold his hand-made pasta couldn’t survive 2016. The Pink Door will also be closing their doors to undergo a remodel. They plan to re-open in April with the same Italian food and cabaret we know and love.

As some doors close, more open. Ba Bar and Rachel's Ginger Beer are expanding to U Village. Both locations should be opening this summer. 


Our Pick of the Week

Flatstick Pub, Pioneer Square - Flatstick Pub is the perfect place for a chill evening. They have mini golf and other custom games, a variety of beers on tap and Manu's Tacos serves food there, so you can recover after a strenuous 9 holes of mini-golf.   

Harissa Meatballs - Ever since I had an Italian meatball wrap on the flight back from home, I've been thinking about meatballs. I made a ground beef & lamb spaghetti sauce from scratch for myself this week, and it is fire! If you're a fan of heat, this recipe for harissa meatballs by Adrianna from A Cozy Kitchen should hit the spot. Maybe I'll share my spaghetti sauce recipe one day. 


New Sh*t in Town

Acadia, Wallingford - Acadia is a new fast-casual dining establishment that will be opening January 16th in Wallingford. The menu is influenced by southern flavors, specifically Louisiana Cajun food-style. The menu will include build-your own sandwiches and wraps as well as pre-built food items. Check them out inside the new Northedge building.

Kiki Ramen, South Lake Union - Josh Henderson closed the doors of Bar Noroeste this year. It seems people just couldn’t get down with eggplant posing as avocados. The location is being revamped and will reopen in February as Kiki Ramen, still under the Huxley Wallace Collective. The menu will be mostly traditional ramen (think tonkatsu, shio, miso)  as well as some appetizers and sides like fried rice and okonomiyaki.

Street Treats, Central District - There is a "new" dessert shop in town! Street Treats has been in the dessert business since 2010, but this year they'll be opening their first brick and mortar location in Central district. Their new location will be serving their usual menu of customizable ice cream sandwiches and from-scratch ice cream.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Pasta Classes at Cuoco, 01/10 - 01/31 -  Every Tuesday in January, pasta maker Stan of Cuoco will be teaching pasta classes. You'll get to learn pasta techniques and recipes as well as get some hands-on practice. If you've always wanted to make your own fresh pasta, check out this class to learn how.

Ramen v3.0, 01/12 - Keeping in line with the noodle theme, Zoe Events will be hosting a ramen filled night. Ramen, art and music to be precise. Reserve a seat for $10 ( it's subtracted from your total bill) and enjoy a nice hot bowl of ramen followed by some cool art exhibits by local artists.


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