The Butcher & The Baker

the butcher and the baker

TMA'ed while listening to Start a Fire by John Legend

Mari: There seems to be a trend that I keep choosing to review brunch places where my options are limited to one and only one option on the menu. Especially since it happens to be French toast, and ya'll know how particular I am about my French Toast.

Temi: That was definitely the case when we visited The Butcher & The Baker . Their brunch menu is heavily pork based, and it seemed that anything that didn’t have pork was cooked with some sort of alcohol. It's definitely not the spot for Halal foodies, but I was in heaven. Everything on the menu sounded mouthwatering.

Mari: While Temi deliberated on what to order, we were brought some lemon vanilla scones with jam. I also asked for their mango peach paradise juice that tasted like summer.

lemon vanilla scones

Temi: The mixed berry jam was my jam. I was so close to ordering more scones, but I knew my eyes were just bigger than my stomach. I also ordered a peach paradise drink. It was refreshing and not overly sweet. After much pondering, I ended up ordering the Winner Winner Chicken Fritter, a chicken, biscuits and gravy dish topped with parsnip chips and a side of eggs. 

chicken biscuits and gravy

Mari: I went with the Bailey's and Bacon which was the name of the french toast menu item. I requested that the bacon be put on a separate plate and Temi did it justice. Unfortunately the menu struggle didn't end there. When they brought out the french toast, Temi and I realized that the menu had said Bailey's (as in liquor) cream . Fortunately, they were understanding and offered to make a new batch without any cream.

french toast with bailey's cream

Temi: Yeah that was my bad, I should have caught on from the name "Bailey's and Bacon'. After all the menu handling, we got our meals. Wawu! The chicken biscuits and gravy was so good. The gravy was smooth and not overwhelming. The chicken was literally melting in my mouth and the parsnips added an extra crunch. For a meal that is usually food coma inducing, I was full but not dying.

Mari: The French toast is basically dipped in batter and then deep fried. The fruit and the vanilla bean syrup added flavor to the overall oil drenched toast. I can see why the cream was necessary to balance everything out. Alas, my hunt for amazing French toast in Seattle continues.

deep fried french toast

In Summary

The Butcher & The Baker is a pork lover's dream. We went there for brunch and had two very different experiences. We agreed that the lemon vanilla scones and jam were excellent. However, we knew that we couldn’t go back there together. Mari had literally no options and had to settle for creamless french toast. Temi, on the other hand had all the options and went with the Winner Winner Chicken Fritter. Mari was not impressed. Temi was mucho impressed. Mari won't be back. Temi will definitely be back.

TMA Rating: Temi - 4/5,  Mari - 2/5

Ambience: casual communal

Wait time:  1 hour to get seated for weekend brunch

Food:  Meats and Sweets

Would we go back?  Temi - Definitely, Mari - Nope

Halal Friendly? Heck no

Price: $$

Disclaimer: What we say on here is strictly based on our experiences, and all thoughts, words and opinions are our (Temi and Mari) own. Unless mentioned, all the food we eat is paid for with our cold hard cash.