TMA Mondays: Boxing Day

TMA'ed while listening to Because I'm Me by The Avalanches

It's no surprise that this week's TMA Monday is pretty short. We are coming towards the end of the year and restaurants are preparing for the New Year's Eve rush. For Sazerac, New Years Eve brunch will be their last meal served. The restaurant will be closing, re-branding and reopening with a new concept and name. Also going through a re-branding of sorts is Bell + Whete. The restaurant will be refocusing its efforts on it's beer program. They'll reopen in the Spring of 2017 with a new name and a new small-scale brewing system.

If you still haven't made any New Years Eve plans, Seattle Met has got your back with a solid list, sorted by price range,  of restaurants serving dinner. 


Our Pick of the Week

Sweet Iron, Downtown - I was very excited when I heard that Sweet Iron was opening a second location. Why? Because their liege waffles are perfection. I still need to stop by their new location, but if you haven't visited them before you definitely should.

Salted Caramel Turtle Brownies - I saw this recipe by Sally of Sally's Baking addiction and I had to share. If you're like me and are not a fan of nuts, you can leave out the pecans, no harm no foul. Enjoy!


New Sh*t in Town

Morfire, Capitol Hill - Morfire will be taking residence in Culture Club Cheese Bar's old location. The new restaurant will be all about Thai hot pots. Like with most hot pot restaurants, you can expect the cook-at-your table setup as well as a selection of hot plates and cocktails. Keep an eye out for them in 2017. More details to come.


Seattle What's Happening?

Chocolate Happy Hour, 12/28 - When you see chocolate and happy hour in the same sentence, you know delicious things lie ahead. Chocolopolis hosts a happy hour every Thursday where they give free samples of 'artisan bean-to-bar' chocolates. Don’t miss it.

Champagne Tasting at the Museum, 12/28 - It doesn’t get any classier than champagne tasting at the Seattle Arts Museum. This Thursday, a ticket to the Yves Saint Laurent Exhibit also includes a tasting from J wines, the champagne partner to the YSL exhibit. Yep, an exhibit has a champagne partner, it's YSl after all. Capacity is limited to 80 people, so buy your tickets.


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