The Fat Hen

TMA'ed while listening to You're Welcome Jordan Fisher, Lin-Manuel Miranda

Mari: We went back and forth on whether we should visit The Fat Hen, since we felt like it was pretty popular already. I hadn't been there, but Temi had almost a year ago. So that was reason enough to go. Fat hen is in a pretty small, cozy space. There are maybe enough seats for 30 or so, however, it still has this very airy feel to it. The white décor, open-ish kitchen/bakery counter and large windows make it feel bigger than it is.

Temi: We arrived at The Fat Hen around 11am and there was about an hour wait. It wasn’t a problem because we went across the street to Honoré Bakery and I got my Kouign amann fix (sidenote: those things are delicious). 

Mari: I on the other hand was saving my appetite, even though a small pastry wouldn't kill it. It's silly, but I wanted the first thing I ate that morning to be Fat Hen. I wanted to give it the chance to satisfy my hunger. We were barely settled into our seats and I was ready to order myself an egg bake, specifically the eggs in camicia.

Temi: I decided on the alla boscaiola egg bake. We also ordered an open face ricotta sandwich.

Mari: The camicia egg bake was like eating a breakfast pizza with its tomato sauce, mozzarella and the crispy bread on the side. Oh and the eggs, those wonderfully over easy runny eggs.  It warmed my insides and provided the comfort I needed from the frigid cold weather.

Temi: The egg bake was very comforting indeed, exactly what I needed on Sunday morning. Sadly my eggs weren't runny, but to be honest that wasn’t even a problem. We were so into our food, we didn’t realize that they never brought out our ricotta bread. Turns out they forgot, but to make up for it brought us one to take on the go and took it off our bill.

Mari: Temi let me take it home since we were full. I had one bite just to taste it and it was delicious. Unfortunately, it's not really something you can eat later. The bread gets soggy and crunchy bread with the ricotta spread makes all the difference.

In Summary

We knew Fat Hen is a popular brunch place and the line can get long. What we didn't realize was how small and quaint the place was. We ordered eggs in camica and  alla boscaloca egg bakes. Our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs so we also ordered an open faced ricotta toast to share. You know the food is excellent when Temi and I are too busy enjoying it to even notice they forgot to bring us the ricotta toast. You know their customer services is impeccable when they realize they forgot and give it to you to take home free of charge. Overall, we definitely get what the hype is about.

TMA Rating: 4/5

Ambience: Comforting

Wait time:  1 hour to get seated at weekend brunch

Food:  Egg related brunch items

Would we go back?  Yes

Halal Friendly? You betchya

Price: $$

Disclaimer: What we say on here is strictly based on our experiences, and all thoughts, words and opinions are our (Temi and Mari) own. Unless mentioned, all the food we eat is paid for with our cold hard cash.