Lowell's in Pike Place Market

Mari: Lowell's is in the heart of Pike Place market across the stand that sells chocolate pasta. They have 3 floors and the top two have their famous water views. As you can expect, the place is poppin' and we wanted to know if it was for the food or for the views.

Temi: To go here for brunch you need to have patience. Patiently wait in line to order and grab your own table on the first/third floor or patiently wait to be seated on the second floor for table service.

Mari: We had better luck being seated on the second floor. I ordered Northwest Dungeness Crab Eggs Benedict and Temi decided on the Combo Breakfast. We also got tea to warm us up.

Temi:  We waited for about 40 minutes to get seated. When we were seated, we were informed that our food would take about 40 mins, they were not kidding , it took about an hour for our food to come out. . In hindsight, we could have ordered and got our food and a table on the first floor in about the same time. At least we had a beautiful view and they refilled ou tea.

Mari: Despite the nice view, the place was pretty casual and the presentation of the food was diner casual as well. I've never had crab eggs benedict and I can now see why someone thought it would be a good idea. The hollandaise sauce was good, but not remarkable. This was also the first time I'd ever had an eggs benedict on toast, instead of an egg muffin. Although the toast felt lighter, I would still prefer the muffin. The hash browns were perfectly done and the amount served was just right.

Temi:  The combination breakfast came with two market-fresh eggs, your choice of bacon, ham or sausage and either french toast or pancakes. I went with over-easy eggs, sausage and french toast. When my food arrived, my eggs were scrambled, so I ended up getting served both scrambled and over easy eggs due to them getting the order wrong. I ordered a basic breakfast, so I wasn’t expecting my mind to be blown. Everything was average. Not bad, not good, just average. It's definitely all about the view here, and that’s fine, just not something I'm willing to wait 2 hours for again.

In Summary

Lowell's is probably the oldest restaurant we've reviewed to date. It has been around as a Pike Place staple since 1957. We went for the food as usual but also for the views they are so well known for. It took a lot of patience to finally get a table and our food, the latter took longer. We ordered Northwest Dungeness Crab Benedict and the Combo Breakfast. Was it worth the wait? Not really. The crab eggs benedict was tasty, but not drool worthy. The combo breakfast was unmemorable. Overall we think the views were great, but the food isn't worth the crazy rush.

TMA Rating: Temi - 2/5,  Mari - 2/5

Ambience: almost classy

Wait time:  ~45mins for seating ~1hr for food

Food:  PNW cuisine

Would we go back?  Nah

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $$

Disclaimer: What we say on here is strictly based on our experiences, and all thoughts, words and opinions are our (Temi and Mari) own. Unless mentioned, all the food we eat is paid for with our cold hard cash.