Amazon Go: An Amazon Meal Kit Review

togarashi spiced salmon

TMA'ed while groovin' to Vessels by Rationale

Mari: Unless you've been living under a rock, you have probably heard about Amazon Go by now. Amazon Go is basically a no-hassle, no-wait grocery shopping experience that we've all wished for at some point in our lives. The video has blown up on social media, news outlets, late-night shows, etc.  My roommate worked on it and is in the video, so reviewing the meal kits she was bringing home from the store was a no-brainer.

Temi: Aside from groceries, Amazon Go also sells fresh ready-to go meals, baked goods and their prepare-at-home meal kits.  We got three different meal kits, which we cooked in one-day. They all took 30 mins or less to prepare, but after eating the Toragashi- Spiced Salmon we were pretty full. Mari was able to use the other two kits as her meals for the week.

amazon meal kits packaging

Mari: Before we go into the reviews, I'd just like to say how I was impressed by the way they packaged everything and designed the instruction cards. What's odd and note-worthy is that although the kits had a list of ingredients, none of them had any sort of nutritional facts. I'm hoping they rectify this before they go public.


Togarashi- Spiced Salmon

togarashi spiced salmon

Temi: The togarashi - spiced salmon is a soba noodle dish with warm broth, topped with seared salmon. The steps were easy to follow. There were multiple pots at play and a little bit of vegetable cutting needed, but everything came out as expected. Also, for people who are afraid of cooking fish, they give very specific hints about timing and temperature. Taste wise, aside from the soba noodles coming out a bit soft after cooking for 6 mins, the dish was very light, yet filling. The toragashi spice gave the salmon a little kick and the broth was flavorful, but not overpowering.

togarashi spiced salmon

Mari: The noodles were a little too soft for Temi, but I personally liked them that way. The salmon was delicious and fresh considering it had been packaged 3 days before. For someone who isn't a fan of fungi, I actually really liked the oyster mushrooms and how they were cooked with the asparagus. The meal was definitely more than enough for two. I ate every last drop, even as I felt myself going into a slight food coma.


Thai Red Curry with Chicken

thai red curry

Temi: I liked cooking the curry. It was a one pan dish, and all the ingredients were already pre-cut requiring zero prep. I just added one thing after the other, simmer, add ingredient, simmer, add ingredient, microwave already cooked rice, done.

thai red curry ingredients

Mari: I had the Thai Red curry for lunch the next day and the day after that. Unsurprisingly, it tasted just as fresh everyday, as if we had cooked it that morning. I personally love Thai leftovers because the spices and flavors have a chance to really settle and the curry tastes better each day.  The rice was surprisingly okay for being precooked when packaged and eaten 5 days later. I only wish they had provided more basil, and bell peppers because I literally ate them all in the first two bites. Even though it's not the best Thai curry I've ever had, it was the best homemade Thai curry.


Veggie Quinoa Bowl

veggie quinoa bowl

Temi: Ahh veggies. I love to hate them. I am not a fan of chickpeas or quinoa, so I wasn’t itching to taste the veggie bowl but I was excited to take a picture of it. The colors of the different ingredients plus the yogurt, just popped. That being said, the cooking instructions were interesting. It had a tiered roasting model, sweet potatoes and cauliflower first, then add the onions, then add the kale. This saved me baking pans and time. After that, the fun part was assembling the bowl. I can definitely see this as a dish that is easy to prep and just assemble the next day.

veggie quinoa bowl ingredients

Mari: Surprisingly I really enjoyed the Quinoa bowl. I was super skeptical about this one because individually the ingredients just didn't appeal to me except for the chickpeas. Also there was no meat. Unlike Temi, I was willing to give it a chance since I do love chickpeas. I didn't think any meal without meat would manage to satisfy my appetite, boy was I wrong. Not only was the meal filling, it was actually pretty tasty and I didn't really miss the meat that much. I loved the contrast of flavors between the sweet potatoes and the cumin spiced chickpeas. Would I eat this one on the regular? Probably not, but I think it would be my go to when I need to get my intake of veggies and detox from all the meat.


In Summary

The Amazon Go meal kits are very similar to Blue Apron's ready-to-make dinners, except they seem to have an edge when it comes to pricing. Their instructions are very easy to follow and in 30 minutes or less you are eating a meal that looks very similar to the picture on the box and that tastes good too. While they may not have a huge selection now, we are sure that by the time Amazon Go opens to the public their meal kit options would have increased. Lastly, you just can't beat the convenience of walking into the store, picking what you want for dinner and walking out.

Disclaimer: We got permission from Amazon to review these kits, but we DID NOT get sponsored by them. We paid for the kits with our own money and were only able to get them because we knew an employee working there.