Windy City Pie

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Mari: There has been a lot of hype about Windy City Pie the past few months. Dave Lichterman from Illinois used to work as a Software Engineer at Amazon but now builds software to optimize pizza ordering for the deep dish pizzas he whips up in his kitchen.

Temi: Understandably, this hype intrigued us. People don’t seem to mind the fact that you need to pre-book their pizzas. Nor do they mind how shady the transaction is. On the day of, you park outside their kitchen, text a number and someone knocks on your car window to deliver a piping hot deep dish.

Mari: The likelihood of you getting a pizza on the same day your order is small, we know because we tried. Boy were we dreaming. The next day, Temi went to go pick up our pizzas. She got the Meatza for herself and I got the Veggie.

Temi: These Chicago style deep dish pizzas have a serving suggestion for 4. We weren't expecting to finish each, but I love meat and Mari ordered Halal so we had to do what we had to do.

Mari: I was more excited than Temi for the pizza. I'm a die-hard deep-dish fan. I've tried Delfinos and thought it was great, but I had yet to find anything that measures up to Chicago standards. Temi is more of a thin-crust gal and doesn't get the hype of deep dish. 

Temi: Yep. That’s why it was very surprising how differently we reacted to the pizza. I liked it! The crust has a caramelized cheese edge so there was cheesiness from beginning to end. Plus, the crust wasn’t overly bready, there was a crunch to it and I felt like it didn't overwhelm the toppings. 

Mari: On the other hand, I thought it was underwhelming and didn’t live up to my expectations. I agree that the caramelized cheese was delicious, but there wasn't enough cheese in the veggie. Although the dough was pillowy, there wasn't enough of it to give the pizza structure. The sauce was flavorful, but combined with the veggie toppings made the pizza overall too sweet.   

Temi: To be fair, by the time we dug in, the pizza was no longer piping hot, but I had some the next day, and I still liked it.

Mari: I had more than half a box left so I tried it the next day after warming it up in the oven. Let's just say it didn’t sit well and for the first time ever I didn’t finish a whole pizza. I'm willing to give it another shot and possibly build my own.


In Summary

Windy City Pie was named the best pizza by Seattle Times Reader's after only being open a year as a delivery only service. So our expectations were high, considering Mari has been on the hunt for some good deep dish to satisfy her craving for Chicago style pizza. We got two whole pizzas, a meetza and a veggie. Mari was disappointed with the veggie, but Temi was pleasantly surprised by how much she liked her pizza.

TMA Rating: Temi - 3.5/5,  Mari - 3/5

Ambience: Pickup/delivery only

Wait time:  0 mins for pickup

Food:  Chicago style deep dish

Would we go back?  Temi - Yes, Mari - Maybe

Halal Friendly? Yes

Price: $$

Disclaimer: What we say on here is strictly based on our experiences, and all thoughts, words and opinions are our (Temi and Mari) own. Unless mentioned, all the food we eat is paid for with our cold hard cash.