TMA Mondays: Excitement Galore


TMA'ed while jamming to Jusfayu by Kamau ft. No Wyld

This past week, I went back home to Nigeria for my cousin's traditional wedding. It was a whirlwind of family and festivities. As I write this on my 10 hour flight from Amsterdam, I'm sad to have left everyone, but excited to sleep in my bed. Mostly, I'm looking forward to some exciting things that lay ahead of me the next few months.

The same can be said for some Seattle restaurants (the exciting things ahead, not the sleeping part). Dough Zone, just fresh out of opening a 3rd location in Issaquah, has plans to open an International District location with launch dates yet unknown. Lil Woody's has also opened a 3rd location in South Lake Union. It will join Jujubeet and Evergreens at the new fast-casual dining spot, The Deck.

If you are looking for a new way to spend money unnecessarily , how about spending $56 for 5 potato chips. Not 5 bags of potato chips, 5 actual chips. These crazy expensive chips include high-end ingredients like truffle seaweed and Armanas potatoes. The even crazier thing is that all 100 boxes of the chips are already sold out. Toblerone recently changed the shape of their popular chocolate. Their milk chocolate bars now have longer valleys and slimmer peaks, and fans were not having it. According to Toblerone, they made the change to save money on the rising cost of ingredients. You can blame Brexit, among other things. 

King County restaurants will soon have to display their health-inspection status on their storefronts, but before that begins diners get to vote on how they want the inspection to be displayed. Go here to vote on one of the six designs.


Our Pick of the Week

Le Caviste, Downtown - This joint is a wine shop conveniently located downtown at the bottom of Metropolitan Tower. They exclusively serve French wines, but the real winner in my opinion is their bread and butter. I kid you not. It's that creamy, full-fat European butter. Go there, carb load and sip on some delicious wines. The folks there know their stuff.

Goat - I feel like goat is way too underrated in American diets. It’s considered a lean meat, it's flavorful, not too gamy and when cooked well, it just melts in your mouth. Don’t believe me, try this recipe for slow cooked braised goat by yours truly.


New Sh*t In Town

Ounces, West Seattle - Ounces may have faced some delays in opening, but it's finally here. You don’t have to wait till May to experience their 3000 square foot outdoor area. It is a tented space with patio heaters and the bar/taproom are dog and kid friendly. Owner Laurel Trujillo will have over 30 Washington only beers on tap, as well as sandwiches and snacks for sale. Plus, there'll be food trucks on site or you could just bring in your own food. You choose your path of enjoyment.

Raccolto, West Seattle - Chef owner of Vendemmia, Brian Clevenger, has opened his new restaurant Raccolto. You can expect small plates like Hamachi crudo, charred octopus, as well as house pasta, and proteins like porchetta or whole roasted branzino. If you've had a chance to try Vendemmia, you already know that Raccolto is worth the visit.

Sweet Iron Waffles, Capitol Hill - Finally, finally, finally Sweet Iron Waffles has opened their second location on the Hill. It’s a bigger space and there'll be waffles available all day - breakfast, lunch, dinner and brunch, the way it is supposed to be. Their new location also includes a gluten-free waffle, as well as options for non-waffle lovers. Get there now!


Seattle, What's Happening?

Trap Kitchen Pop-Up Dinner, 11/19 -  For the first time ever, Trap Kitchen will be hosting a Pop-up in Seattle. If you are not familiar with Trap Kitchen, read up!

Beaujolais Day, 11/17 - If you know anything about wine, specifically Beaujolais, then this celebration is for you. Join Bottlehouse to toast the first release of the 2016 harvest. The $16 ticket includes tasting of various Cru's and Beaujolais Nouveau's, as well as live music.


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