TMA Mondays: Election Day Eve

TMA'ed while jamming to Overwhelming by Jon Bellion

Today is the day before the most important day of the year. While the running mates hope to get a seat in Capitol Hill, DC after tomorrow, our own Capitol Hill has its own contenders and drop outs.

In the running:

Ada's Technical Bookstore is opening a party room called the Lab and it's sure to bring all the nerds to Cap Hill.

Chophouse Row Market aka a hipster's farmers market opened by Seattle Chef Matt Dillon. This isn't replacing the Broadway Market but bringing a new ambiance to markets with farm tables, string lights, and several guest vendor food stalls in addition to Dillon selling the produce from his own farm.

Out of the running:

Gnocchi Bar is serving its last bowl of gnocchi on November 20th. Sadly this is more shocking to me than Trump's possibility of winning.


Our Pick of The Week

Screen Door, Portland - When you ask the Portlandian's what they recommend to do, they will most likely say go to Screen Door. I finally had it last Tuesday and I totally get the hype. It is probably as southern as the PNW can get, if not more. I could eat their fried chicken for days.

Banoffee Pie - For dessert we had Screen Door's version of Ban-offee pie and since then I've been on the hunt for a recipe that's similar to it. I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but BrownEyedBaker's recipe looks promising.


New Sh*t In Town

Circadia, Downtown - As if Downtown Seattle wasn't bougie enough, the former chef at Mamnoon Garrett Melkonian is prepping to be executive chef at Circadia when it officially opens on November 19th. You know this Hollywood inspired 1930s restaurant will be on the high-end scale when their menu has an assortment of caviar and no prices listed on the menu.

Modena Pizza and Pasta, Maple Leaf - There can never be enough Italian pizza and pasta joints in my humble opinion. Modena just opened with a gigantic menu including not only the staples, but also sandwiches, calzones and desserts.

Thackery, Wallingford - December seems far away, but the month and the new restaurant from the Heavy Restaurant Group will be here before you know it. If you like Purple, Barrio, or Lot No. 3 you'll most definitely like it's new relative. The menu is spread out culturally with its mezze spreads to Ethiopian fried chicken.


Seattle. What's Happening?

Vote 4 Wallbanger Election After- Party, 11/8- All across Seattle restaurants and bars are throwing after parties to either celebrate or mourn the results that could make or break the world as we know it.

Anthony Bourdain The Hunger 2016 Tour, 11/13 - Anthony Bourdain the all american chef TV celebrity and author is making a stop at the Paramount as a part of his new live monologue show filled with stories of his wild experiences in the world of food.

Northwest Chocolate Festival, 11/12-11/13 - If you're a chocolate lover, this is something you don’t want to miss. Meet fellow chocolate lovers, learn all there is to know about chocolate by the chocolate connoisseurs from all over the world. Get your tickets early because they are sure to be sold out or way more expensive at the door.


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