TMA Mondays: Feeling Inspired

Jamaican Jerk Pork

TMA'ed while jamming to Fake Love by Drake

Temi and I just returned from Grace Hopper Conference in sunny Houston, Texas. We came back inspired, motivated and full of Tex Mex and BBQ. It seems we aren't the only ones inspired to make moves in life.

Bush Garden Restaurant is closing its kitchen on Saturday while the bar and lounge will still be open for another year. The owner is seeking a new location for this 60ish year old restaurant.

Tom Douglas is expanding his reach beyond Seattle's city limits and looking to open a restaurant in a resort hotel.

The most inspiring story this week is the mobile chocolate milk company, Bellflower Chocolate Co. that has nearly raised half their Kickstarter goal to make bring their cold/hot chocolate drinks directly to the consumer.


Our Pick of the Week

Torchy's Tacos - I know this isn't in Seattle, but it truly is our pick of the week. Temi and I refused to leave Houston until we went there. Their chips and queso is the best I've ever had and the tacos live up to the hype too.

Butternut Squash - Staple and Fancy's repeat of last year's restaurant week menu with their butternut squash ravioli made me hunt down a recipe to try making some. I found this recipe by Organic Kitchen that I will probably try it once I convince Temi to invest in a pasta roller attachment for her kitchen aid.


New Sh*t in Town

Jackson's Catfish Corner, Central District - The Jackson's have been through a lot since their first installment of Catfish Corner in 1985. They are back at it again at a new spot with the same menu replacing what used to be the home of GREAN House Coffee & Café.

Emma's BBQ, Hillman City - After all the BBQ I ate in Houston, I'm stoked that another BBQ place opened earlier this month in the Puget sound area! It's got all your Southern BBQ favorites, I know I'll be going there when I start missing Texas BBQ.

Evergreens, South Lake Union - Evergreen is keeping the salad trend alive or maybe its Amazonians. They recently opened in Amazon's Doppler building and are planning to open another one in SLU on the intersection of Thomas and Boren and one in Fremont.


Seattle, What's Happening?

Gelatiamo: Celebrate 20 years , 10/26 - Gelatiamo opened 20 years ago downtown and to celebrate they are throwing it back to 1996. What were 1996 prices, dirt cheap compared to today's.

Day of the Dead, 11/1 - Also known as Dia de Los Muertos, is the day after Halloween and Casco Antiguo is throwing a party with food and drinks and a silent auction to buy skulls painted by local artists.

Happy Hour with Founder of Molly Moon's, 11/15 - This seems pretty far out, but it's really just around corner.  You'll need tickets and we don’t want you to miss the opportunity of meeting Molly. Did you know she's a girl scout? There is more to her journey as the ice cream mogul of Seattle than most of us probably know.

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